Ramlord / Welkin Dusk 7"

by Stimulation Addict



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Co-released with Crust or Die (crustordie.blogspot.com)


released June 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Stimulation Addict Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Ramlord - Ceaseless Grief
A clawing at my skin
an irrelevant feeling to where I am
an insufferable pain...
surging forever inwards

Cowering stagnant
Bark starts to peel
Cast from the light
Obscuring what's real

Sitting helpless
Until we all die
As warm veins release
I've cured the rot in my mind

I've reached out before and only felt the coldness of entropy
Through colorless days of the modern age, only guided by apathy
If the patterns are ingrained in us, why should I even try?
Knowing tomorrow I'll feel even worse, I am no longer afraid to die

Carried by the current,
Flowing forever, dragged at the bottom
Staring at the surface
Prefer the coldness to fighting for warmth
Stuck eternally digging
For the layer of rock that we all stand upon
Broken from endless battles
Now this constant pain is all that i know

The more I live, the more I want to die
The more I live, the more I want to die

Crushing my mind
Failing inside
Clawing through rocks with nothing to find
Feeling separate
From where I reside
Watching the seasons pass by, until our demise

A loss of gratitude
Fearing death, wasting life
A cold gaze to the ground
Feeling trapped, burning inside

Detesting every moment
Clenching my fists, waiting in silence
Resonating every second
What isn't dead, is waiting to die
Track Name: Welkin Dusk - Deaths Whisper
ignorance’s victims whisper into her ear
god's words through the teeth of mules
moralistic guilt for the purpose of what?
death to the deliverer of false ideas

when there's no solace in words
no peace in the night

the face of compassion is too much to bear
i wish i were made of air
an outstretched hand is a fist poised to strike

in gods name, you shall suffer
in the name of the lord, your family shall suffer
lose your health, lose your fucking mind
for the sake of purity, you shall die